Are you looking for a great family dog? Here at Cozy Retrievers we specialize in raising healthy, happy and beautiful golden retriever puppies. Golden Retrievers are an athletic, friendly, and highly trainable breed. Their gentle and playful demeanors make them wonderful pets for families with young children. Goldens also excel as service dogs, search-and-rescue dogs and hunting companions. Consider making your new best friend a golden retriever.

On the evening of Sunday, February 27th, and into the early morning of February 28, Cozy became the proud mother of 11 sweet puppies. She has her paws full and seven females and four males. They are a great-looking litter of puppies with stunning dark golden coats. The puppies are AKC registered with a full pedigree. Each puppy will receive a wellness exam from a certified veterinarian, be up to date on vaccinations, and be dewormed.  The puppies will be ready for their new homes on April 25th.

Available puppies are featured on our current litter page.  

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We are located in the panhandle of Texas, Lubbock, TX to be exact.  Lubbock is home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders and tumbleweeds (yes they do exist beyond the movies).  If you really want a tumbleweed to take home with your new puppy,  we will round one up for you!